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  • Marie Fagan


I would like to share with you some reasons why to hire a #weddingplannerinspain

  • If you don’t live in the country of your #wedding, the cost of travelling several times to the country will be higher than the cost of a #weddingplannerinspain

  • If you have a certain taste or have a specific budget to keep, a Wedding Planner has all the contacts to fit your needs

  • Where do you start with planning your #destinationwedding? A planner has organized a wedding before and knows the process throughout the planning.

wedding venue in spain

  • A #weddinginspain means limited English speaking suppliers. A wedding Planner living at the site knows how to communicate with you and the suppliers in their native language to avoid any misunderstandings

  • If it rains or other unforeseen situations, the planner has always a plan b, c or d for your big day

  • You don’t need to stress and make sure everybody does as planned on your wedding day, you can just lean back and have a glass of cava

  • When your family has inputs and thoughts regarding your wedding, you can refer them to talk to your Wedding Planner in order for your planner to organize together with them directly

  • Your Wedding Planner will make sure you are up to date with your payments and not exceeding your budget, if any suppliers says they must increase the prices a planner will negotiate a deal for you.

wedding planner in spain

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