I will organize your perfect wedding in Spain. Each wedding is like mine own.

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Do you love sunshine, beaches and a warm weather? If your answer is yes, then Spain is the perfect country for your wedding.

Southern Spain, Costa del Sol has a predominantly warm Mediterranean climate and with its beautiful beaches and great history, creates a perfect place for your dream wedding and honeymoon.

Every year millions of tourists decide to travel to Spain, the country has been one of the most important tourist destinations of the last decades becoming the third most popular travel destination in the world. 

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If you are a fun of Game of Thrones you can also visit the places where some parts were made ie Italica in Sevilla (dragonpit), Castillo Almodóvar del rio in Córdoba (Casterly rock -house Lannister)

Me and my team will put your mind at ease. We have been working in Spain for many years and we know a big range of suppliers and we will adjust to your budget.

Whether you would like to have a small wedding or a big ceremony, we are here to help you.

Don't worry our services are affordable. 

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I would like to share with you some reasons why to hire a wedding planner in Spain

  • If you don’t live in the country of your wedding, the cost of travelling several times to the country will be higher than the cost of a planner

  • If you have a certain taste or have a specific budget to keep, a Wedding Planner has all the contacts to fit your needs

  • Where do you start with planning your wedding? A planner has organized a wedding before and knows the process throughout the planning

  • A wedding in Spain means limited English speaking suppliers. A wedding Planner living at the site knows how to communicate with you and the suppliers in their native language to avoid any misunderstandings

  • If it rains or other unforeseen situations, the planner has always a plan b, c or d for your big day

  • You don’t need to stress and make sure everybody does as planned on your wedding day, you can just lean back and have a glass of cava

  • When your family has inputs and thoughts regarding your wedding, you can refer them to talk to your Wedding Planner in order for your planner to organize together with them directly

  • Your Wedding Planner will make sure you are up to date with your payments and not exceeding your budget, if any suppliers says they must increase the prices a planner will negotiate a deal for you.
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Renewing your vows is a special celebration for a married couple.  It is often arranged for a special anniversary (10th, 15th,25th etc.) or when a couple has gone through a difficult time in their relationship and wants to reaffirm their commitments to each other.

Perhaps at the time you first tied the knot you couldn’t afford a luxurious event and day of celebration or you were married in a registry office and you would like to design a more romantic wedding vow renewal ceremony.

You can have a secular ceremony or a ceremony with a tad of Christian content.  However you choose to celebrate this event, we will help you design an occasion to suit you both as a couple to reflect your characters and personalities.  How wonderful  to be able to declare your love for one another again publicly in the presence of all your family and friends. 


Since you married each other years ago you have built a brand new life together which now involves special people who perhaps weren’t there to witness the vows you made to each other the first time around.  How special it would be to celebrate those years of love you have shared a second time around with these important people who are a big part of your lives today.

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Feel free to contact me and ask for my advice about your wedding vow renewal ceremony, whether you need me to recommend such things as music, photography or videography I will help you in any way I can to make sure that renewing your vows to each other is as perfect as you’d hoped and more.

With Marie Fagan Wedding Planner. Weddings in Spain

With Marie Fagan Wedding Planner. Weddings in Spain

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